Visit Hokkaido and Save Money with the Hokkaido Premium Ticket !

The Hokkaido Premium Ticket is ready for reservations !

The Hokkaido Premium Ticket, which offers a 40% discount, is ready for the first stage of reservations on the website starting from July 31st, 2015. The discount voucher is targeting tourists traveling in Hokkaido, and cost 6000 yens for a value of 10,000 yens. The ticket can be used at registered shops and facilities in Hokkaido.

The voucher can be reserved on the website and it requires filling out forms (with information such as passport number, etc) and then can be picked up at some sales counters in exchange for the reservation number. (Please check where you can pick up the vouchers on the official website.)

The period of reservations and sales of the vouchers is divided into three stages, the first one being from July 31st to August 31st. The second and third stages will follow this autumn and winter.


Price : 6,000 yen per set of Hokkaido Premium Ticket worth 10,000 yen
One set includes : 10 sheets of vouchers worth 1,000 yen each
Valid period: September 1st, 2015 to February 29, 2016

Reservation period

First stage : July 31st – August 31st, 2015
Second stage : September 1st – October 31st, 2015
Third stage :  November 1st 2015 – February 29th, 2016

Can be used

First stage : September 1st – October 31st, 2015
Second stage : September 1st – December 31st, 2015
Third stage : November 1st, 2015 – February 29th, 2016

For further information, please visit the website (in English) :

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