Tokyo Disney Resort After Dark

When I was planning for my first ever trip to Tokyo Disney Resort, I looked through the pricing structure of the various ticket prices and was intrigued by two options:  Starlight passport and After 6 passport, which allows the ticket holders to enter the park after 3pm and after 6pm respectively. You might think “who wants to miss out on visiting the park under a beautiful blue sky?” and I used to share that thought too. I thought such purchase options were only for the unfortunate souls heading to the parks right after school or work. It wasn’t until I saw it myself did I realize how much value the two options really have, because Tokyo Disney Resort at night offers some of the most romantic moments I’ve ever experienced.


First of all, Disney after the sunset gives off a completely different vibe. The normally clear paths in the park become hidden, and all you can see are the beautiful lit buildings and rides up in the sky and around you. While the day time is full of joy and energy, the dark park feels more dreamy and mysterious. The two landmarks, Cinderella’s Castle in Disneyland and the Volcano in Disneysea, stand out even more at night. Walking around the parks turns from a stroll to an adventure.

Night Rides

Without the sunlight, many outdoor rides also receive a free upgrade from nature. The magic carpet in Disneysea is a fun kiddy ride in the daytime, but soaring through the wind in the dark will remind you of the famous “A Whole New World” scene. The Star Jets ride in Disneyland is a similar ride, but flying the rockets in the sky feels much more as if you’re in space. Another notable ride is the Raging Spirits roller coaster in Disneysea. Speeding through the flames and mist in the dark adds even more excitement to the already thrilling ride. Even after you have experienced the rides once in the day time, lining up for it again at night is definitely worth it (plus, the lines will likely be shorter in the evening!)

Night Finales

The finale of your Disney night is no doubt either the magnificent fireworks show at Disneyland or the water display at Disneysea, and these you simply have no options to experience in the day time. Park visitors often seek out a good spot an hour ahead of time and lay down their sheets to save a seat for the romantic performances. If you want to maximize your park time before the shows and don’t want to wait, feel free to do so as long as you don’t mind standing. No matter if you’re in the park the whole day or just in the evening, these shows are the perfect performances to end your park visits with.

My image of a trip at Tokyo Disney Resort used to be me jumping and dancing in joy under a blue sky and rays of sunshine. That picture is still there in my head, but now it is accompanied by another image of me and my date taking a nice romantic walk around the park before watching the fireworks shining above the Cinderella castle. Once you have experienced it, you will understand that Disney at night is just as impressive as it is in the day time, so if you have a chance, do not miss out on visiting Tokyo Disney Resort after dark.

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