Sapporo - Panoramic Views! Get enthralled at some of the best viewing spots.

5 of the key tourist attractions that offer panoramic views of Sapporo. Each of these attractions are easily accessible from the city center. Watch-out for your favourite 'Healing Spot' that will leave a lasting impression in your mind.

Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observatory Hill


Uttering the words 'Hitsujigaoka Observatory Hill' immediately brings to mind the name of Dr. William Smith Clark. Make sure to take a photo with the statue of Dr. Clark when you have a chance to visit this observatory.


Away from the cityscape, feel the beautiful nature offered by Sapporo.


Mt. Moiwa


You are sure to be captivated by the breathtakingly beautiful cityscape of Sapporo if you arrive at the observatory located at the summit, accessible both, by ropeway and by a mini cable car.

Sapporo Dome


If you have seen the picture, the structure protruding from the dome, the Observation Tower, is the only observation deck on a dome-shaped structure in Japan.


This Escalator will take you to the Observation Tower.


The view from the dome is marvelous, indeed.

Website (English):

Sapporo TV Tower


Sapporo TV Tower is the symbol of Sapporo. The nightscape seen from the tower is dramatic, but don't forget to scale the heights to get a daytime view too.


Relish the view of not only the Odori Koen park from the Sapporo City Center but also the cityscape.


Don't forget to sneak a peak from the "Kowaso" or the 'scary window', which gives a view of the landscape immediately beneath you.

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Sapporo Okurayama Observatory


Okurayama Observatory is popular for the Ski Jump competitions that took place in the 1972 Winter Olympics. Do not worry, you can spare the climb uphill if you take the chair lift to the top of the mountain (takes approx. 5 mins.)!


Bask in natural light and panoramic views of the picturesque landmarks of Sapporo from the observatory.

Traveling to Sapporo? Why don't you add these landmarks to your already planned itinerary of the city? An idea worth some thought.

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