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Do you ever know that you will be able to eat the delicious blowfish sashimi in Japan? It means that you will be able to eat the poisonous fish, and if there is a smallest mistake during its preparation, it could be fatal. Luckily, Japan can trust you that you can enjoy that blowfish sashimi or sushi without worrying about the risk. In Japan, they called blowfish as fugu.



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Why is blowfish so poisonous then? It is believed that this fish contains a large amount of the poison tetrodotoxin, especially the liver and the eyes. The safest part to eat from this fish is the skin, because the skin is non-poisonous one. The poison from this fish can paralyzes the victim’s muscles, and then the victim will cannot be able to breathe, and die from asphyxiation. This fish’s poison is 1000 times more dangerous than cyanide, and until now there is still no antidote for this poison.



The restaurant in Japan where serves blowfish sashimi or sushi is strictly controlled by law in Japan, and only professional chefs who have qualified and trained for more than three years are allowed to prepare the blowfish sashimi or sushi. Because of this rule, Japan can assure you that it is safe to eat the blowfish sashimi in Japan, no need to worry for the risk of dying. Fugu is usually served as sashimi and chirinabe. Chirinabe is a Japanese one-pot dish of fish, tofu, vegetables, and broth.


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The most popular dish is fugu sashimi. The next one is milt, which is the soft roe (Shirako) of the blowfish. They have the deep fried fugu, which is known as Fugu Kara-age. Some of them also made fugu as salad ingredients. They used the skin of the fugu as part of salad, which is called yubiki.



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I have heard that the taste of this fish is so good, because the texture of this fish is really soft. Because of that, I want to try to eat the sashimi. The most popular place to eat blowfish sashimi in Japan is in Yamaguchi Prefecture. I have eaten the blowfish sashimi once, and it tasted really delicious. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive to be able to try the blowfish sashimi or sushi. As you know that the preparation for this fish is not easy, so that is why the cost to eat this fish is also quite expensive. You can enjoy the dish of fugu for around 2000 yen (US$20) to 5000 yen (US$50). Don’t be shock that a full course of fugu meal can be cost for around 10.000 yen (US$100) to 20.000 yen (US$200).



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I want to recommend you to try to eat this blowfish sashimi or sushi if you have a chance to visit Japan. Japan is the safest place to eat this fish sashimi or sushi, so you should try it. There is also the certificate for the chef who is able to serve the dish of this fish. So, don’t worry to try this fish sashimi in Japan, and enjoy the taste of it.

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