"Mt. Tengu", a mountain with views of the town of Otaru shining in the night sky

"Mt. Tengu", a mountain with views of the town of Otaru shining in the night sky

Mt. Tengu is a mountain in Otaru with an altitude of 532m, it is popular for having an observation deck and a ski resort.
It is not possible to ski in the summer, but instead, it is recommended to as a place to observe the night view.
Mt. Tengu, along with Mt. Hakodateyama and Mt. Moiwayama, is said to be one of the three great night views in Hokkaido. There, you can enjoy the night view of Ishikari Bay and Otaru.
The mountains and the coastline of Ishikari Bay are very unique, together with the view of the town that shines like a jewel, they are very memorable.
You can go to the top by taking a 4-minute ropeway ride. In the summertime, you can also ride a care or walk your way up, but we recommend the ropeway, so you can feel the panoramic view broaden before your eyes.


Photo by LinkingHands

The view during the day is also superb. On a clear day, you can see a stunning panoramic view, extending from Shakotan Peninsula to Rumoi direction, all the way to Shokanbetsu mountain range.
You will definitely feel the grandeur of Hokkaido.


Photo by Trago Chen

In additon, you can also enjoy outdoor facilities, such as Summit Slider and Squirrel Park in the summer.
Just as its name, Summit Slider is a meadow bobsleigh that runs from the top of the mountain, it is quite thrilling as it can reach the maximum speed of 40 kph.
The wind is very comfortable, it will take your heart away.
The Squirrel Park, is a park where you can play with the squirrel by giving them sunflower seeds that can be purchased at the entrance of the Park.
The squirels approaching are very friendly, you will let out your voice unintentionally.
Some of the squirels will also climb on top of your hand if they know you have sunflower seeds, you will be very impressed by them.
You will be soothed by their cute figure.

Photo by Mini Yoshi~

Mt. Tengu
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