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Lolita Fashion

Lolita is a very common fashion style in Japan. We can see many girls sporting the look, especially in Harajuku. Rorīta fashion (ロリータ・ファッション) is now considered as one of the subcultures in Japan. This fashion style consists of clothes that are based on the Victorian and Edwardian era. Nowadays this style is not only popular in Japan but also all around the globe. There’s actually lots of styles in Lolita fashion, here are some of it.


Sweet Lolita or Ama-Loli (甘ロリ ama rori). This is the most common Lolita style, and the most heavily influenced by the Victorian and Edwardian era. The clothing is in light colors and childlike, hence the name ‘Sweet’. It emphasizes on the young and girly aspects. The makeup used in this look are pink or peach blush and pastel colored eye shadow. The accessories consist of headdresses, lace, bonnets and bows. Sweet Lolita clothing usually have cute animals, flowers, fruits and dessert patterns on it.


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Gothic Lolita or Goth Loli (ゴスロリ gosu rori). Like the name it is the combination between Gothic and Lolita fashion. Gothic Lolita is usually typical with darker colored and more dramatic makeup looks such as red lipstick, black eyeliner or smoky eyes. The clothing is usually in the color black, really dark red and really dark purple. It is considered the more mature style of Lolita and quite in contrast with the Sweet Lolita style.


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Classic Lolita focused more on the Regency and Victorian era styles. It is the middle ground between Sweet Lolita and Gothic Lolita. The colors are not as dark as the GothLoli but also not as girly as the Sweet Lolita. It usually uses more muted color, and look more elegant and sophisticated. It is also considered as the more mature Lolita style, alongside with the GothLoli. The clothing design usually contains a-line skirts and Empire waists. The shoes and accessories usually focus more on the functionality. The makeup look in this style is a bit like the one in Sweet Lolita, but more muted and natural.


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Ōji 王子 comes from the word Ōji-sama 王子様 which means ‘Prince’ in Japanese. Ōji Lolita is the boy version of the style. Whereas the other Lolita styles are inspired by the Princess look, Ōji Lolita is inspired by the Prince look. It is influenced by the look of young boys in the Victorian era. Their clothing usually consists of blouses or shirts, short trousers, knee high socks, top hats and newsboy caps. The colors of the outfit are usually in white, black, blue and burgundy. Ōji Lolita is not only worn by guys, but also by girls who wants to wear a more boyish style and yet still maintaining the Lolita feeling.


Casual Lolita, like the name is the more casual style of the Lolita fashion. It is usually what a Lolita wear when not dressed up, so it is usually much more simple. Casual Lolita can consist of any colors, as long as the style, colors and prints are still matched up.

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