Living Like a Local : Introducing a New Type of Accommodation, Kyo-Machiya Inn!

Kyo-machiya no Yado, a company providing Machiya accommodations, opened a new Machiya-Inn called Zen at the Hiyashiyama district of Kyoto city. Guests can rent a whole traditional townhouse as a lodging facility for themselves. The Zen caters to one party a night, so that the guests can experience the lifestyle of Kyoto like a local.

Kyoto Ryoan Zen

Zen is located near Heian Shrine and Eikando Temple, famous for spring cherry blossom viewing and fall foliage spots, respectively. The Gion district, popular for its traditional atmosphere, is also accessible on foot.

You can immerse yourself in various features of traditional renovated architecture without forsaking comforts of modern life such as air conditioners, washing machines and so on.

Traditional Japanese guest rooms with grids on the ceiling and wall-to-wall tatami mats


The interior employs traditional machiya structure of grids on the ceiling to bring-in abundant natural, light and soft breeze in the house. While the rooms with Ryukyu tatami mats make you feel more relaxed.


The Japanese-style guest room on the first floor is decorated with vintage furniture and antique Japanese art pieces from all over Japan, such as a legless chair made in Hidatakayama, an incense burner of Shigarakiyaki ware in Shiga.

Semi open air bath made of hinoki or cypress


With the windows open, you can feel relaxed as if soaking in an open-air bath. Not only the bathtub and walls but also chairs and buckets are made of cypress creating a clean, rich and fragrant atmosphere, along with a graveled floor. The entire open air bath area comprises of 4 tatami maps in size.

Traditional Japanese garden


The guestroom faces the beautiful small garden designed by a young gardener Masahiro Yamashita. All components of the garden such as trees, plants and rocks are from mountains in Kyoto.

10 guests is the maximum capacity

It can accommodate up to 10 guests. The second floor has one bedroom with two semi-double beds and one Japanese-style room of 6 tatami mats in size in order to accommodate a large party (maximum 10). In addition, it is equipped with a washing machine for guests who wish to stay longer. The adjacent parking lot enables the guests to go straight into the rooms through the garden.


Kyoto Ryoan Zen
Address: 356 Yunoki-cho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto
Nearest station: 5 minute walk from Higashiyama station on Tozai line, "Jingudo" bus stop
Capacity: 2 to 10 guests

Rate: 2 guests per night / from 50,000 yen (tax not included)
- Children age 4 and above must pay adult fare
- The cost for additional guests is 4,500 yen per person

Reservations: Visit the official website.

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