Let’s visit “Hojusan Risshakuji Temple,” a notable site where Matsuo Basho has composed a haiku poem in “Oku-no-Hosomichi”!


Today let us introduce you some of the must-see spots in Hojusan Risshakukji Temple, a.k.a Yamadera, a renowned sacred site in Tohoku region.

This temple, Hojusan Risshakuji Temple, is where the renowned poet, Matsuo Basho has composed “Shizukasa ya/iwa ni shimi iru/semi no koe (The utter silence …, cutting through the very stone a cicada's rasp)”, and also is a tourist attraction very well-known across the country.


Kaizando and Godaido


These are temple halls for Jikaku Daishi, the founder of Risshakukji Temple.



These halls are also the only observation decks, and you can enjoy the splendid view of Yamadera.


Haiku monument of Basho and Emperor Seiwa’s Gohoto (pagoda)


There is a haiku monument with his famous haiku, “Shizukasa ya/iwa ni shimi iru/semi no koe (The utter silence …, cutting through the very stone a cicada's rasp)”, established by his pupils. This is the oldest stone monuments in Hoshusan Risshaukji Temple.


Eat “Chikara Konnnyaku (konjac)” in front of the temple gate.


Hoshusan Risshakuji Temple has so much rocky areas within its site as it was once said to be the place of ascetic practices, and you can fortify yourself with the chikara konnnyaku in front of the temple gate before you take off to the severe practice.
We have leaarned that the mountain is only open for those getting there for their ascetic practices.

Great spot for autumn leaf viewing.

Yamadera is situated in the mountainous area, and the trees change their colors at the start of autumn, and attracts many tourists as an autumn leaf viewing spot.

The temple is a nationally designated historic and scenic site.

Why don’t you visit this temple to experience the views that was once loved by Basho? You can enjoy four seasons of Japan in Risshoji Temple, a temple blessed with nature.

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