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Summer Escape to Miyako Island – Overwhelming Beauty South of Okinawa

Summer is coming soon! If you are looking for a beautiful beach resort in Japan, I can recommend you to visit Miyako Island, Okinawa. I have lived in Okinawa for years and I can say that the beaches are really beautiful during summer. A great spot for a weekend getaway at the beach would be Miyako Island, a small island located in the south of Okinawa. You can reach there from Naha by plane in about 1 hour. Feeling curious about places where to visit at Miyako Island? Read on!

Yonahamaehama Beach

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About 6 km stretch of white sand, Yonahamaehama is a key beach destination. Its combination of sand with royal blue water is often described as one of Okinawa's best scenic spots that is also very popular with foreigners. Not only for relaxing and swimming, but you can also do marine sports such as snorkeling, banana boating, jet-skiing, etc. 

Higashi Henna-Zaki

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I recommend you visit this place if you have a car. You can enjoy driving to the most southern point of Miyako Island, which allows you to enjoy the scenery as well. When you arrive there, you can see the most scenic spots in Japan’s urban parks; a cape with overwhelmingly beautiful flowers, such as trumpet lilies, evening primrose, etc. Be sure to check out the lighthouse. 

Ikema Island

Photo by 663highland on Wikimedia Commons.

You can add this spot as the second choice of beaches to visit! Reach this island by crossing the 1.5km-long bridge which connects to Miyako Island. Enjoy your driving and keep your eyes on the road as well!

Tori Ike

Photo by Paipateroma on Wikimedia Commons.

You can visit this place when you travel across one of small bridges from Irabu Island to Shimoji Island. First of all, it is one of the best diving spots; once you reach to a depth of 25 meters, you will find an entrance to the tunnel. 

Yoshino Beach

Photo by Tomo on Flickr.

This beach has the highest population of colorful fish in all of Miyako Island. That makes it possibly the best spot for snorkeling. It is located at the north of Higashi Henna-zaki. It is also a spectacular spot for swimming and camping. 

At Last

There are still so many places that you should visit during your trip to Miyako. If you are looking for beautiful beaches, relaxing spots, diving areas, barbecue spots, and more for this summer trip, Miyako Island is the best choice. I have been there, and if you ask what is the best part from Miyako Island, the best answer I know is, “The Beach”! So, what are you waiting for then, book your ticket now! To Miyako island, the overwhelmingly beautiful island in Japan.

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