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Capcom Bar: Gamer's, This Is For You

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For gamers, Capcom is probably more like an old grandfather who spoils his grandkids. From Mega Man to Resident Evil, it has always churned out some great games.  It seems like Capcom  will not satisfy every gamer in Japan only through their games, so they built this incredibly amazing restaurant: Capcom Bar.  If you are a Capcom maniac, this is probably your heaven.

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Located in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho, Capcom Bar provides a good ambience for anyone who is craving a cozy diner. It is considered a great themed restaurant in Tokyo. There are lots of thing you can do there besides enjoying your meal. Game machines are provided so every visitors can play their games. Books are available to borrow so you can read while you eat.  Screens are showing their newest game trailers. Even better, you can play together with your friends using food on the menu. Try Russian roulette takoyaki.  Where one “special” takoyaki (fried octopus ball) is hidden amongst others on your plate. Those who get unlucky, will be punished with the burning sensation of a takoyaki fully-filled with wasabi.  Sounds challenging!

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Capcom Bar is not only providing a unique atmosphere, they also produce great food. The food is served in Capcom theme. You can order "strawberry brain" from the game BioHazard for your dessert (which is actually strawberry cheesecake).  And when you order Objection Onion Rings, all restaurant staffs are going to yell “IGI-ARI” (which means objection!) in Phoenix Wright style. You can order Devil May Cry-themed pizza, meat from Monster Hunter, Street Fighter meatballs and many interseting stuff.  As a bar, they also serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. What makes this bar amazing, beside the good choices of food they have on their menu, but also the decent prices.


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I have gone there once with my friend before, and I really loved its atmosphere. I can say that it is definitely one of the best themed resturants in Tokyo and the best video game-themed one. Besides the atmosphere, the food and drinks are also great and the staff is also really warm and kind.

If you want to visit this bar, it is a good thing for you to check the menu and opening hour on their official website.  And also, what is important is to make a reservation, especially if you want to visit it on Saturday and Sunday.  In this restaurant you can only have up to two hours per visit so make sure everything is well prepared.  Although this timed meal plan is short, it is always a good entertainment for everyone.  Do not call yourself a serious Capcom gamer if you haven’t visited this place. Go grab your phone and make a reservation or go online for your Capcom experience! I can assure you that you will regret if you don’t have such a good experience at this Capcom Bar!

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