Anata no Warehouse: The Spookiest Place in Kawasaki

Kawasaki is about fifteen minutes by train from Shinagawa and is the second most populated city in Kanagawa Prefecture after Yokohama. It is a fun place to hang out, boasting everything you could need in a city such as shops, restaurants, and cinemas. It is a great place to be when you’re craving a city smaller and easier to get around than Tokyo.

One unique spot in Kawasaki is the popular Anata no Warehouse, meaning “your warehouse”, which some people nickname the “adult arcade”. It is only a few minutes’ walk from Kawasaki Station and is the main hub for a night out for many people in Kawasaki and beyond.

At first glance, Anata no Warehouse looks like an abandoned building. It was designed in a creepy dystopian style, made to look like the seedy streets out of a cyberpunk or horror movie. When you first approach the front door, you might wonder if you are about to be kidnapped or killed. The only clues that it is an attraction is the large “18-plus only” sign and the one or two advertisements.

Enter to see a rusty metal door greeting you, which makes you feel like you’re stepping into another world of seedy backstreets. Some say Warehouse is based on the streets of Kowloon, Hong Kong’s walled maze of a city.

Don’t forget to say hi to the prostitute through the window (on the left as you walk in…)

…Before venturing down the creepy street to the escalator.

Second Floor: Games and Activities

Just as you might be thinking you really have wandered into the maze of the dangerous and infamous Kowloon, you’ll reach the actual arcade on the second floor. There is a variety of retro games such as Tetris and Mario Kart, as well as air hockey, various shooting games, Dance Dance Revolution, and Purikura photo booths.

Japanese “UFO catcher” games are also there, of course. Perhaps it’s because the arcade is only for adults, but the prizes seem to be better in this arcade. As well as the usual small soft toys and sweets, larger toys like Kirby and Pokemon balls are also available to win. Maybe it takes advantage of adult nostalgia, but most people who visit will find themselves inserting 500 yen coins in the hopes of catching a master ball pillow or cuddly toy.

Those who wish to play classic Japanese gambling games should head to the third floor. Although actual gambling is outlawed in Japan, it is possible to get tokens with which to play. Many of these games can be found in regular arcades on the top floors and Anata no Warehouse is no exception.

Third Floor: Gambling

The fourth floor is where most people head for or during a night out. This party floor includes darts, table tennis, and pool, which are very affordable to play. Soft drinks and beer can also be purchased here. There are plenty of places to play, which means that even during busy times, there is likely to be a free pool table or darts board for you to use.

Fourth Floor: Party Floor

Darts starts at just 100 yen per game, but there are also deals for playing unlimited for a few hours if you would prefer. Prices for pool and table tennis vary on the amount of time and people playing, but it is very reasonable and ideal if you want to hang out in an indoor place that isn’t karaoke or a bar.

If you find yourself having an evening out or even an afternoon in Kawasaki, don’t miss Anata no Warehouse from your itinerary! Play games, try to win a cuddly toy, or play a game of pool or darts with your friends. This unique building is well worth a visit! Are you brave enough to enter?

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