An Introduction to the Jozankei Area in Hokkaido

The Jozankei area is about an hour drive from Sapporo. Although this area is famous for its hot springs, not everyone knows about its foot baths (ashiyu) and hand baths (teyu). There are a type of hot spring where you can dip your feet or your hands, and this, free of charge. We will introduce the main attractions of the Jozankei area, including some foot and hand baths.

Gankake Teyu of the Kappa Family

The Kappa Legend is well spread in the Jozankei area. Kappas are water creatures found in Japanese folklore. They are depicted as small humanoids with a carapace and a beak. Visitors can offer a prayer to a Kappa statue before enjoying teyu, and possibly get good luck.

Jozan Gensen Park

Foot bath can be enjoyed in this park. In addition, an attraction allows visitors to make onsen tamago, which are eggs slowly cooked in the water of hot springs. Onsen tamago kits are also available at the souvenir shop.

Mount Hakkenzan

Mount Hakkenzan stands at an altitude of 498 meters above sea level and offers a beautiful scenery. In addition, there are orchards and wineries in the area surrounding the mountain.

Nishikibashi Bridge

The view from Nishikibashi Bridge is another must-see attraction in the area. You can enjoy canoeing on the Toyohira River which is running under the bridge.

Futami Tsuribashi Bridge

Futami Tsuribashi Bridge is very impressive with its red color. You can actually walk on this suspension bridge, and enjoy the beautiful view.

These were just a few of the interesting features of the Jozankei area. If you visit the region, don't forget to try ashiyu and teyu! Before leaving, getting some rest at the Jozankei hot spring will end your trip beautifully.

Jozankei Tourist Association

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