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Doing an Internship in Japan as a Foreigner

Have you ever considered working in Japan, but are not sure whether the Japanese working culture would suit you? Internships are a nice way of trying out working in Japan for a limited time. Some even come with the chance of a job offer after the internship.

Tips for Learning Japanese Without a Textbook

When learning Japanese and languages in general at the beginning you probably will need a textbook or similar material but after you mastered the basics there are a lot of ways you can continue your Japanese studies that are more entertaining than a textbook dialogue between Mr. Tanaka and Ms. Suzuki.

The 4 Best Summer Hiking Trails in Hiroshima

If you happen to be in Hiroshima City for visiting the Peace Memorial or shopping at Hondori, there are four perfect hiking trails to unwind yourself and stride your way to the mountain top from where you can check out the city view or nearby islands. Pack your bags, water and wear your boots, let’s go visit these spots as locals do.

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