Niijima Island: A Perfect Escape From City Life

After moving to Tokyo and experiencing the hustle and bustle of Akihabara, Shinjuku, and Harajuku I was searching for a place to escape the crowded and fast-paced streets. I wanted to see a different side of Japan. A more quiet and peaceful part of the country. When I asked a Japanese friend, he suggested going to Niijima, a small island off of the coast of Izu.

Botanical Garden: Hamamatsu Flower Park

The botanical garden at Hamamatsu is primarily for flowers and plant-viewing, but the garden management authorities have endeavoured to recreate the gardens into a haven for visitors with some quirky plant-displays, a play area, entertainment and restaurants — all designed to appeal to families and groups. This makes it an interesting day out for people of all ages.

Rock Climbing at Jogasaki on the Izu Peninsula

Izu Peninsula is a relatively small landmass that juts out into the Pacific. It is a spectacularly beautiful and incredibly rugged landscape. Due to its tumultuous formation the area is rife with hot springs and a lot of rock formations. The coastline is covered in rock outcroppings, some are hundreds of meters tall, while others are much shorter. Some of the best rock in Izu Peninsula though can be found at Jogasaki, and because of this rock climbers flock from around the country to climb here.

Gorgeous Lakes in Japan

Do you ever go to any lakes in your own country? Many people prefer to go to the beach or to go hiking rather than to go to a lake. Summer should be beach, isn’t it? I also had the same thinking before, until I discovered these gorgeous lakes that Japan has. So, let’s learn more about the lakes in Japan that will make you want to see them for real!

Izu's Furry Little Flying Friends

Izu is a popular escape for Tokyoites keen to see a bit of greenery within a comfortable day trip. But spend a few hours here and you will also become aware of the wildlife dimension to this natural paradise. Insects abound, and some of them are not so small!

Kawazu Seven Waterfalls

A place to escape the heat of the city or a chance to walk through some pleasant scenery, the Kawazu Seven Waterfalls makes a memorable trip. Although a distance from Tokyo they are an easy side trip during a stay on the Izu Peninsula.

Walking On An Alien Planet, Izu Cactus Park

A little way down Izu Peninsula’s scenic east coast, near Ito City, you will find Cactus Park, Shaboten Koen. Originally set up over half a century ago, cactii that had been used for research at a Tokyo University were planted out at the Park. Large glass pyramids connected by walk-through underground tunnels were an innovative design to house the tropical Central American plants.

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