Marugame Castle: The Smallest Keep

What is sightseeing in Japan without a visit to its numerous castles? Once again I embark on a journey to Marugame city of Kagawa prefecture, for a chance to see another one of the twelve original castles of Japan that still has a wooden tenshu (keep)!

Udon and Takamatsu’s Yamada-ya

Sanuki udon is probably one of the most (if not the most) popular udon or wheat noodle in Japan. Hailing from Kagawa, the modern name of Sanuki , Sanuki udon is most well-known for its very firm and elastic, chewy texture or what the locals describe as “Koshi ga aru”.

Ready, Get Set... Udon!

It is hard to believe, but Japan does indeed have an Udon Prefecture. Located on the small island of shikoku, Kagawa is famously known as the “Udon-ken” for being very famous with these delicious thick wheat floured noodles.

Serenity of Ritsurin Garden

Ritsurin Garden, designated as one of Japan’s National Scenic Beauty, is a Japanese garden located in Kagawa Prefecture of Shikoku Island. It took 100 years for construction that started as early as 1625 by the feudal lord of Takamatsu at the time, Ikoma Takotoshi.

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