Buri: A Winter's Delicacy in Kanazawa

If you've never had fresh yellowtail caught locally during the peak of winter, you must (it’s referred to as kan-buri (寒ブリ) which means “Winter Yellowtail”). It's incredibly tasty, and with a touch of soy sauce, it’s sheer melt-in-your-mouth savorlicious!

15 Things to Do in Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Besides getting to know more about Japan through major cities like Tokyo or Osaka, Japanese culture also can be seen from historical prefectures, such as Ishikawa Prefecture, located in Japan's central Honshu. To visit Kanazawa, capital city of Ishikawa Prefecture, is to explore the well-preserved Edo Period districts, samurai culture as well as Japanese handicrafts products and beautiful nature.

Ninjadera: The Ninja Temple of Kanazawa

Ninjadera, also commonly known as Myōryū-ji is a Buddhist temple belonging to the Nichiren sect of Buddhism.
The temple is not actually associated with ninja and was never home to the shadow assassins, but earned its cool nickname due to its many deceptive defences and cunning traps and trickery.

Welcome March at Kanazawa - 6 Best Winter Spots

Japan Railways (JR) will extend its Hokuriku Shinkansen (bullet train) service to Kanazawa Station on March 14, 2015, making access from Tokyo much easier. Have a look at the 6 popular tourist destinations of Kanazawa, before you plan your itinerary.

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