Fukiage onsen makes the best soak for free!

Experience ‘hadaka no tsukiai' at Fukiage onsen - where locals mix with tourists in a natural onsen under the trees. Too shy for a soak? Just walk down and dip a toe in these magical waters. Soaking in Fukiage costs nothing and will enrich your skin with minerals and your mind with memories.

Rishiri Island: Paradise in Northern Hokkaido

Wakkanai is the northernmost city in Japan. About 20km from Wakkanai, in the Sea of Japan lies two small islands separated by a distance of 8km. Even relatively close, these two islands are drastically different from one another. If you are driving towards Wakkanai on the route 106 which runs along the Sea of Japan coast, you can enjoy a remarkable cone shaped volcano rising from the ocean.

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