Discover Japan's Fountain of Youth at Yoro Falls

Yoro Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in Yoro Town on the western edge of Gifu Prefecture. The spectacular waterfall is 32 meters in height and 4 meters wide, and has been famous since ancient times for its pure spring water and scenic beauty. It is ranked one of the “Top 100 Most Beautiful Waterfalls” in Japan.

Kaiten Student Service: Providing All of Your Moving Necessities

Kaiten student service is a special type of organization in Beppu that sells a wide range of cheap products and helps students to move out from their dormitories to any other place within the Beppu area. They provide a decently priced van for the students to move out into another house. They have two shops at Ishigaki and Kamegawa where they sell used products and deliver it to the customer’s location.

Rose Festival at Kani Flower Park, Gifu

The Hana Festa Memorial Park of Kani City in Gifu Prefecture attracts a lot of visitors, especially during the months of May and June when the roses are in bloom. The Hana Festa Memorial Park contains more than 7000 varieties of roses and ten thousand varieties of other plants.

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