Cape Byoubumi and the Iioka Lighthouse

‘Why do I stand up here? Anybody?’
‘To feel taller!” Said a young student called Dalton.
Iioka Lighthouse overlooks the Pacific Ocean on the southern edge of the Choshi peninsula in Chiba prefecture known as Cape Gyoubumi or Gyoubumi Misaki in Japanese. It is set high upon sandstone and shale cliffs and affords a great view.

A Day in Sawara

We visited the old Japanese town, east of Narita, where many of the merchant buildings and warehouses have been preserved as they were during the Edo period some 100 or 200 years ago. Wooden shops with decorated tiled roofs and storehouses lined with earthen walls to protect goods from fires border the streets.

Christmas Celebrations at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland always celebrates holidays, and the Christmas holiday is no exception! Tokyo Disney’s Christmas celebrations were from November 1st to December 25th. This article will cover all the exciting things that were available for Tokyo Disneyland’s Christmas Fantasy!

Pacific Coast Fishing Adventure

Japan has a deeply established maritime tradition. From the myths of its foundation (islands rising out of the sea as a product of the union of the primordial gods and goddesses) to the still world-leading harvesting and consumption of marine products, when you are in Japan, rivers, lakes, and of course, the ocean are ever-present themes in daily life.

DisneySea's Halloween Celebration

This year, DisneySea’s annual Halloween celebration takes place September 8th – November 1st! This year, DisneySea’s theme is focused around villains! Disney’s most notorious villains take center stage and take over shows, merchandise and even the menu!

Tokyo Disneyland Natsu Matsuri

Tokyo Disney is known for their seasonal celebrations. Easter, Halloween and Christmas are the most well known. However, those aren’t the only ones Tokyo Disney offers. Tokyo Disneyland’s yearly Natsu Matsuri (summer festival) starts in July and doesn’t end until August 31st!

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