"Akita Kanto Festival" Glittering Rice Plants in the Night Sky

Akita prefecture is located in northeast Japan alongside the Japan Sea,
known for its unique peninsula shaped like a nose.
The "Akita Kanto Festival " hosted in Akita prefecture is one of the three biggest festivals in the northeast region of Japan
and is also known as the festival of glittering rice plants in the night sky.

Visit Akita for Japan’s Largest Fireworks Festival

On Saturday of the fourth week of August each year, Japan's largest fireworks festival, the “Omagari National Firework Competition Festival,” takes place in Daisen, Akita prefecture, in the country's northern Tohoku region. At the Omagari fireworks festival every year the sky is filled with dazzling fireworks displays, carefully designed by passionate pyrotechnic fireworks masters. Don't miss the grand finale provided by the competition committee. These fireworks displays are sure to take your breath away! Images Provided by Omagari Enterpreneurs Group Omagari National Firework Competition FestivalPhone: 0187-62-1262Japanese website: http://www.oomagari-hanabi.com/

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