Nagoya Castle, the Rival Not-to-be

According to some, had it not been destroyed by bombardments in World War II, the Nagoya Castle would have surpassed Himeji Castle, as Japan’s most impressive feudal castle. Nonetheless, its current ferroconcrete reconstruction from 1959 and surrounding Meijo Park with over 2,000 cherry trees makes for a marvelous sight in early spring. But the castle is a picturesque vision throughout the year with a variety of blooms.

Inuyama Ukai Fishing

There are several reasons to visit the town of Inuyama in Aichi prefecture: the castle designated as the National Treasure, the Urakuen with its National Treasure teahouse and the nearby museum or theme parks like Meiji Mura and Little World. But for me the best reason to visit Inuyama, is to witness the Ukai fishing, a traditional fishing method using cormorants that apparently dates back some 1300 years.

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